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Lunch Menus
Served Up Tue-Fri 11:30am-4pm

Food Cocktail Lunch Menu 4.12.23-0.jpg
Food Cocktail Lunch Menu 4.12.23-1.jpg

Dinner Menus
Served Up Tue-Thu 4-10pm and Fri-Sat 4-11pm

Food Cocktail Menu 4.12.23-0.jpg
Food Cocktail Menu 4.12.23-1.jpg

Brunch Menus
Served Up Sun 10am-3pm

Brunch Menu as of 4.12.23-0.jpg
Brunch Menu as of 4.12.23-1.jpg

Happy Hour Menu
Served Up Tue-Fri 2-6pm and Sat 4-6pm

IHRO Happy Hour 4.12.23.jpg
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